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In Loving Memory

Cheryl Janee' Parris

July 14, 1979 -

August 8, 2013

Reason Why?

Caleb's Feet Foundation was birthed in August 2013. The organization is dedicated to my daughter, Cheryl Janee' Parris. The name Caleb's Feet has been taken from the name of the dance school that Cheryl owned "Caleb's Feet Dance Company".

I created Caleb's Feet Foundation to increase the awareness of HPV and cervical cancer and their relation to each other. Cheryl was diagnosed on October 5, 2012 with stage 3B cervical cancer. She received all the required treatments that the doctors recommended and completed the process just before Christmas. For 2 months, she was doing GREAT!!! The doctors thought she would defeat cervical cancer and pass that pea sized tumor that remained but it came back with a vengeance.

Cheryl never gave up and she fought a good fight. As her mother and a caregiver, I have learned a lot about the disease. Through it all, I found out that cervical cancer is hard to detect!!

More men and women (both young and old) need to be better educated about the Human Papilloma Virus and the relationship to Cervical Cancer along with other related cancers. I have brought together like minded individuals to enter into this journey with me to bring more information and awareness about HPV AND CERVICAL CANCER to the greater community.

Linda Halsey

Mother, Founder & President

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